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The NCS Solution

Change Your Mind…Create New Results is a proprietary program based on the neuroscience of change.


Taking an organization’s vision for itself, individuals are empowered to change. This, in turn transforms the individual, their teams and, ultimately, the organization.


Our program teaches how to break old habits that no longer serve and bring about true, lasting change — from the inside out.

Step 1

Envision a new future for your team or organization. What would it be like for your team to be less stressed and more creative?

Step 3

Use the process, models, and tools from the workshop to rewire the brain and unlock the potential of that new, improved future state.

Step 2

Identify habitualized patterns that keep you from moving toward that new future on an individual level.

Step 4

Changed individuals collectively form more engaged teams who are then ready to step into that new future of a transformed organization.

Our Process

01 - Contact Us

The first step is to get in touch with us. Use the form at the bottom of each page, the Contact page, or you can also locate a consultant near you via our global network map. Our team has a wide variety of backgrounds and niches to serve you.

03 - Content

We’ll outline and dig into the content of our workshop delivery and highlight for you how the Change Your Mind…Create New Results program can solve the issues and struggles your organization faces.

05 - Develop

Depending on your specific goals, we may further develop a program customized to your organization’s needs. This may include leadership development, team development, or other follow-up coaching opportunities.

02 - Consult

We’ll discuss the issues your organization or teams are facing, what your struggles or specific “pain points” are, and the optimum outcome you’d like to see in your organization. We take this time to really listen to your needs.

04 - Plan

After thoroughly understanding your team and organizational needs, we’ll put together a proposal that will support your change efforts.

06 - Deliver

Our 10+ hour training program is customizable and can be delivered in two days or over a series of days. It includes a 90-page full color workbook, hi-def videos explaining key concepts, interactive activities, time for personal and group reflection, and other optional materials.

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