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Right on the other side of your fear is your next level.

You are greater than you think!

You are more powerful than you know!

You are more unlimited  than you can ever dream!

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I’m so glad you made it here.


The best relationships are those in which both parties connect on a human-to-human level first and foremost.


Secondarily, I need to be able to help you and your organization solve your challenges—and we need to have an alignment in values.


Working with me in this capacity means you will be subjecting yourself to experiences that will have you looking at yourself in an entirely new way.


Receiving targeted and strategic solutions that are customized based on who and where you are.


I have to be transparent, side effects may include; achieving your goals; an increased sense of fulfillment, a bigger bank account, higher levels of profitability, and higher physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.

We use a proven blueprint where I take you from
Thinking > Doing > Emerging > Mastering



"The future of business is all about developing the Inner Game and the Leader as the Coach"


Our reality is changing faster than ever before. As a result, industries and careers have shorter life spans.


As a leader leading your organization, you need to be super adaptable and healthy so you can be working on the best opportunity.


To be super adaptable, we need to be able to change.


Change to me is very much a skill that needs to be developed.


As an Entrepreneur, you may find yourself constantly stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and you feel it deep in the pit of your stomach, you may find yourself ruminating the same decisions over and over again, drowning in regret.


You also may find yourself making decisions in your business at the expense of your family and your health.

You may be spending time with your family, 

you may be physically present, but your energy is completely drained, and all of this is happening, 

while you watch your competitors grow past you.




Your Inner Game is the conversation you're having with yourself, it's your self-esteem, your confidence, your belief structures, it's that incessant chatter in your head.

About “I'm not good enough or “I’m not smart enough to be successful” or “I don't deserve this”, or the most common, “what if I fail?” 

That conversation determines what you focus on, which then, determines how productive and successful you can be.


Your Inner-Game drives ALL OF YOUR results, if you’re not getting the results you want in life, then you may be caught in a pattern that's bringing you the same results in life and in business, because your approach hasn't changed, and you're focused on the wrong things.


Join me in Mastering Your Inner Game!

Are you ready to Master your Inner Game?

Book Dhiren

Imagine a future where your organization is filled with leaders who demonstrate a willingness to adapt, thereby enabling them to be more engaged, creative, and balanced.

With Master Your Inner Game’s unique neuroscience-based Transform Your Mind… Discover New Results workshop and follow-up coaching, you can discover what top organizations throughout the world have learned — change IS possible.

"Transform your thinking,

transform your results."

My approach is based on principles of neuroscience to transform how we think to drive new results.


In my 2500 hours of coaching leaders, I have observed the following challenges faced in organizations and individuals.

Change Resistance

Whether on a large or small scale, those who are resistant to change cause disruption among their peers and within the organization. This can manifest as mistrust, lack of output, and even open hostility.


Studies show that the #1 reason for disengaged employees is a lack of understanding an organization’s vision, mission, and goals. Employees want to meaningfully contribute and feel valued.

Leadership Challenges

Good leaders lead. Great leaders lead teams through times of change and crisis. In order for an organization to survive mass-scale changes or evolve to higher levels during business-as-usual times, effective leadership plays a critical role in a successful outcome.

Taking an organization’s vision for itself, individuals are empowered to change.

This, in turn transforms the individual, their teams and, ultimately, the organization. Our program teaches how to break old habits that no longer serve and bring about true, lasting change — from the inside out.

Burnout & Elevated Levels of Stress

It’s no secret that today’s overwhelmingly distracted and busy lifestyle has a negative effect on physical and mental health. Project deadlines, job insecurity, and poor collaboration among leaders and teams all affect performance and productivity.

Thinking doing emerging.png



Envision a new future for your team or organization. What would it be like for your team to be less stressed and more creative?




Identify habitualized patterns that keep you from moving toward that new future on an individual level.




Use the process, models, and tools from the workshop to rewire the brain and unlock the potential of that new, improved future state.




Changed individuals collectively form more engaged teams who are then ready to step into that new future of a transformed organization.

Rajiv Daswani

Founder, Happiness Coaching Center


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