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"Dhiren's talk not only shed light on the intricacies of transformation but also inspired everyone in the room to embrace the change with a strategic mindset."

Yasmine Abdel Aziz

Events & Projects Manager

Charlotte de Vink.jpeg

"Dhiren, thank you for your guidance on this journey. Transformative in every aspect of my life - as an entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

I am a new person and I will continue to be a new person.

Time and again."

Charlotte de Vink

Founder, Caspaiou

Christy Pretzinger.jpg

"I have heard Dhiren's talk, and it's truly transformational. He makes the "Inner Game" relatable and actionable, all while weaving a moving story of his own experience. Well worth having talk with you and your team!"

Christy Pretzinger

Owner & CEO, WriterGirl

Mahmoud Adham.jpg

"Dhiren has been instrumental in my transformation. His empathic style and practical techniques enabled me to make a significant improvement in mastering my inner game. I always thought such coaching programs take months and patience for changes to take place, but with Dhiren, the improvement came in just a few weeks, and what change it was!! Much better control of emotions in the face of adversity and practical tools to lean on along the journey of entrepreneurship. Thank you my friend and as you say 'keep the change' :-)"

Mahmoud Adham

Founder & CEO,

Manish Bhagnari.jpeg

Recently happen to be present at a talk hosted by Dhiren, where openly spoke about his journey and his learnings so far, I was impressed by his 5000+ days journey of being alcohol-free, he further went on to put a price tag due to his habit, that for me was a game changer in the true sense.

Manish Bhagnari

Partner/Sales Director,

Shahab Ahmed General Trading

Pooja L.png

"Our EO forum had a thoughtful and stimulating session with this transformation architect. You got me to start thinking, so thank you, and keep doing what you are to spread your inner game. Recommend it highly!"

Pooja L

Director, The Rickshaw Travels Group

Warren Rustand_edited.png

My friend, Dhiren, has been changing lives and companies for many years. We have been friends for nearly a decade. He is a remarkable man who started by changing himself and then began helping others. His transformational principles are supported by neuroscience and psychology. He knew he needed to transform himself so he could achieve his best self. Through this process he dramatically altered his performance state increasing his outcomes and achievement. He has scaled and excited multiple ventures while building a wonderful personal and community-based life. If you want to move forward quickly and explosively this book is a must read.

Warren Rustand


Summit Captial Consulting LLC


Dhiren traveled a long way to make this event happen, and it did not disappoint! He drove the message home on multiple levels and had immediate takeaways for everyone.

Dr. Brent J. Rising

Omaha Nebraska

American Dental Association

Usama Jacir.jpg

"I invited him to talk to our team at Cortec. In 90 minutes he did an amazing job inspiring, energizing, and equipping our team with practical tools to make the difference that will make all the difference. His approach to mastering the “Inner-Game” is transformational in winning the Outer-Game which sets up the conditions for a corporate team to stay focused and productive.”

Usama Jacir

CEO, Cortec Middle East

Marvin Tiu Lim.jpeg

Thank you Dhiren, it's amazing for the 5 hours it went by in a breeze and really life changing program that we went through, and we went to, it was all natural, I highly highly suggest it, we can't think of a better person to do this with. Thank you so much!

Marvin Tiu Lim

Chief Growth & Development Officer,

Mega Global Corporation

Maya Karunaratne.jpg

"He’s truly passionate about helping others and his sincerity elevates his effectiveness as a coach. There’s a lot of thought and research behind the techniques we learned about and when put into practice, are incredibly powerful. We were able to leave our session feeling refreshed and inspired. Very grateful to have had this opportunity to engage with Dhiren."

Maya Karunaratne

International Development Specialist


"I had the privelege of attending the UAE IAA Gala Dinner where Dhiren delivered a captivating and insightful talk on the role of a Transformation Architect. His ability to demystify the complexities of this vital profession was truly impressive. Dhiren's talk not only shed light on the intricacies of transformation but also inspired everyone in the room to embrace change with a strategic mindset. His expertise and engaging delivery made for an unfogettable evening.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz

Events & Projects Manager

Ronal Abvajee

CEO, Healty Living Consulting

Rajiv Daswani

Founder, Happiness Coaching Center

Andreaa Zoia

Presenter, Executive Speaker Coach

Inder Bhagnani

Founder, RK Real Estate

Walid Aboulnaga

Founder, NAFAS Journeys

Vik Jethwani.webp

"Thank you so much for offering a wonderful and insightful experience for entrepreneurs Dhiren. My experience with you was not only enlightening, but you helped me focus on the important aspects of myself and find the answers that helped me excel in my business and on a personal level too! Highly recommended experience."

Vikram Jethwani

CEO & Founder, 818 Vault

Wade Miller .jpeg
"I’ve heard Dhiren speak.
He is very inspirational and engaging."

Wade Miller

President, OneRallyPoint

Chemendra Gamage.png

"I have only had a few sessions with Dhiren to improve my "Inner Game." Although I believed that I understood the concepts well, working with Dhiren made me realize that I have a long way to go. I am confident that his guidance will enable me to have a significant impact on my work, personal life, and achieving my dreams. Dhiren is a great listener who asks insightful questions, prompting me to question and reevaluate whether what I am saying is truly what I mean."

Chamindra Gamage

Executive Director, Varna Ltd.

Mufaddal Saasa.jpeg

"When I first embarked on this path I wasn’t sure of what to expect or what the end result is going to be. The introduction call with Dhiren was extremely comforting and he really understood what was the issue I was facing. Dhiren’s ability to listen, understand, and literally speak what I was thinking or what was in my mind was unbelievable. There were moments during my journey that were completely transformational of how I saw or understood things and I reap its benefits till today. I can proudly say I am in a much better place mentally and physically thanks to Dhiren!"

Mufaddal Saasa

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Antony Tinker.jpeg

"I have heard Dhiren's talk and recommend him as a speaker to anyone who wants to learn more about calmly navigating the chaotic waters of life and business and be able to thrive on the other side. He is an excellent, passionate and emotive speaker."

Antony Tinker

Leading Director, iTS Leadership Ltd.


"Dhiren thank you so much. You exceeded each and every one of my expectations. That was such an amazing session. It's really transformational. You've come out of the session, thinking of your inner game and holding it to go very far. Thank you so much."

Bambi Sia


Richard Sanz.jpeg

"Thank you Dhiren, this was life-changing for me, so for those who would like to reinvent themselves and take it to the next level, this is the program.

Truly life changing!"

Richard Sanz

CEO, The FoodAsia Group


"I attended Dhiren's "Master Your Inner Game" session on October 7, 2022, which was a transformative experience. Dhiren taught us exercises to address and handle negative emotions, including a tool to stay positive during negative moments and an exercise called "The Phurba" to cleanse ourselves from limiting beliefs. As a woman, I plan to make these exercises a part of my life to become a more positive and successful individual. Thank you, Dhiren, for sharing your knowledge with us."

Divya Singhal

Executive Director, Agromet Asia

Ahmed Al Baker photo.jpeg

"I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Dhiren is the reason why I grew my company. I was lucky enough to be mentored by Dhiren at an early stage in my entrepreneurial journey. It's one thing when a mentor can help you solve a business challenge. It's entirely another when a mentor helps you conquer limiting beliefs, of which I had plenty holding me back. Dhiren was a master at both, asking me the right questions and even getting me to answer some of them myself. Dhiren has leadership skills that I admire and hopes to be able to learn someday. I have a lot to owe Dhiren in both my personal and professional life, and I'm proud to know him."

Ahmed Al Akber

CEO, Hello Chef

Inder Bhagnani.jpeg

"Dhiren, when he says your success is his success, he will live me inside, a guiding soul, a mentor, a coach, a friend. He has played a very important role in the journey, I’ve come over the last couple of years. If you feel lost or don’t know how to achieve your goals, he is the best person to go to, Dhiren has helped me a lot and guided and assured me of the direction for success."

Inder Bhagnani

Founder, RK Property

Sunitha Kshatriya (PhD).jpeg

"Dhiren came to AUD as a Guest Speaker and value added in our webinars. His insights into seed funding, next steps that a startup founder must take and on the UAE ecosystem greatly benefited our new budding startup founders. Dhiren has some very unique perspectives to share from his vast experience. I look forward to expanding this further and look forward to Dhiren mentoring our startups in the Spring session."

Sunitha Kshatriya (PhD)

Design Thinker, Director, AEIC

Rajan A. Uttamchandani

CEO, Esquire Financing

Mario Angelo Rossi

Managing Director, AFCSC

Eric Dee Jr.

Co-Founder, Sunnies Studio

Dr. Ahmmad Garatli.jpeg

“Excellent program, obviously an expert in his field. I thoroughly enjoyed Dhiren's training as the delivery was in an interesting format. He has the ability to bring out the best in the participants taking part in his trainings. The step-by-step guide and his way of communicating with the participants is why it was greatly enjoyed by all the participants."

Dr. Ahmmad Garatli

Founder, Gulf Business Network Training

Evan Nierman.jpeg
"Anyone who books Dhiren will come away with many valuable insights. He is a GREAT speaker with the ability to move audiences."

Evan Nierman

Founder & CEO, Red Banyan

Robert Foster.jpeg

"I’ve been Dhiren's coach now for a while and have had the pleasure of coaching him up to his first Ironman. My respect for Dhiren has always been there due to his honesty and his hard work. Watching him go through the process of training through an Ironman I noticed a shift in his mindset. The clarity of his vision and his dedication and trust in the process were unreal. In my opinion, his mindset was the reason he was so successful in his Ironman and the lead up to it. He is a thoroughly good human in and out of sport and a pleasure to know."

Robert Foster

Endurance Coach & Community Manager

Tehzeeb Ahmed.jpeg

"My dear friend Dhiren a stellar transformational coach just launched a guided forgiveness meditation and it's phenomenal. Honored to have been one of the first to experience it! It brings about healing from the root of where it's needed! I invite you to bring that type of healing in your life."

Tehzeeb Ahmed

Buzzy Bee Communications

Gomathy Ramaswamy.jpeg

"I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Dhiren on how to “Recode your thoughts ”. And I must say the session was intense.It was based on an ancient 2000 year old technique.

We addressed a few limiting beliefs, dived deep into the core of the issue and with Dhiren’s guidance could wrap my mind around overcoming it .The visualization bit was very powerful.

I felt very liberated once we concluded the session.Dhiren was very interactive and hand held and guided me through every step .

Highly recommend the same.

Dhiren, keep shining and keep spreading the sunshine in everyone’s life."

Gomathy Ramaswamy

Founder, Concord Ventures Group

Anand Rao.png

"If you have the opportunity to connect with Dhiren Harchandani, you'll quickly notice the unique qualities that make him an exceptional executive coach and consultant.

His extensive experience, commitment to growth, and the ability to ask insightful questions showcase his clear thinking and emotional intelligence.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and endurance athlete, Dhiren embodies resilience and determination, both essential traits for inspiring others to transcend limitations and achieve greatness.

His unwavering dedication to client success enables him to create a lasting, positive impact on those who choose to work with him.

If you are seeking a coach, passionate about helping others, with real-world experience and a solid foundation in personal and professional growth, then I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Dhiren Harchandani."

Anand Rao

Development Coach & Trainer

Dr Ari Brown.jpeg

I was fortunate to hear Dhiren speak this week- his wisdom is powerful, evocative, and captivating. I highly recommend him as a speaker!

Dr. Ari Brown

Author of the 411 Series

Zahra Hashi.jpeg

"Dhiren Harchandani was one of the speakers in our Mental Health Warriors campaign which aimed to promote mental well-being, self-care, and resilience in the face of the pandemic. Dhiren delivered a well-prepared session on the essential habits that changed his life. He was kind enough to fully open up and share his experience with the attendees at a time it was needed. Dhiren's energy, passion, and connection with the audience were impressive. His message was relatable and his humor held the audience’s attention. The habits and routines he shared were practical and easy to remember and apply."

Zahra Hashi


Anna Lecat.jpeg

"I absolutely loved hearing you speak. Your topic is extremely important and valuable, and you deliver it with excellency that you carry everywhere in your life. I look forward to witnessing you speak in public and impacting even more people. Your focus, depth, wisdom and deliberate attention to detail inspired me and made me better. Thank you!"

Anna Lecat

CEO & Founder, Streamline Alliance

Nameeta Dargani.jpg

"Dhiren’s guided Forgiveness Process was a profound experience. Even those who feel they have already forgiven themselves and others can benefit from it. In the depth of the meditation, indeed the subconscious reveals that there is more to let go of.

It was a very beautiful and freeing experience. Thank you Dhiren and may many more souls have the opportunity to find comfort and freedom through this process."

Nameeta Dargani


Mahesh (Prishotam) Mirpuri.jpeg

"I have been a close personal friend of Dhiren for many years now, and he has been a great friend and mentor to me as well, it's always a great learning experience when we get on a call together, it has been my pleasure to watch him, as he takes his new Superhuman Journey, he once told me a line that will stick to me forever " the changes that I have undergone in the past year and a half is preparing me for my biggest challenge to date, and he hit the nail right on the coffin! Now as I serve as President of EO Philippines from July 2021 to June 2022, It was a great pleasure to have Dhiren as our main speaker at the launch of our Mentorship Program, and all of the attendees absolutely had nothing but great things to say about the session, thank you again Dhiren for everything you have done for me, and cant wait to jump on our next call very soon. God Bless always!"

Mahesh (Prishotam) Mirpuri

President ,Basicline International Ltd.

Maryam Yusuf.jpeg

"Dhiren's coaching has helped me take my approach to life to a whole new level. Understanding, compassionate, approachable - these are some of the many words I can use to describe him through our interactions. His approach is truly unique and has helped eliminate my stress and worries! Thank you Dhiren, I deeply appreciate all of your help 🙏"

Maryam Yusuf

Founder & Managing Director
Pixel Digital Marketing


Marvin Tiu Lim

Chief Growth & Development Officer
Mega Global Corporation

Mharly Pow


Richard Sanz

CEO, The FoodAsia Group

Bambi SIa


Rayhan Aleem.jpeg

“Dhiren’s has been immense in my growth as an entrepreneur. He possesses unique skills set where he can guide you to think outside the box while at the same time ensuring that you are able to amplfiy your inner game. He is also able to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience which has been crucial in my day to day dilemmas.”

Rayhan Aleem

Managing Partner & Founder

Alpha Pro Partners

Prashant Dhariwal.jpeg

"Thank you for the wonderful session and it was a great peer to peer learning for all of us at Raipur. As an EO member, it is very encouraging to see how you transformed your life with so much positivity and determination. You have motivated all with your personal life story. Your view on being an essentialist human being and entrepreneur was very insightful. Keep Inspiring!!!"

Prashant Dhariwal

CEO, Vamaa Dairy

Ginny Campbell.jpeg

"Do you want to make impactful changes in your life or business? Then Dhiren Harchandani is your man. We know each other from a virtual global coaching mastermind group and over the last year I have watched and been coached by Dhiren. His approach is rich with experience, and he has the rare quality of engaging with you both intellectually and emotionally. He creates a structured, safe, supported space for you to do your work. With Dhiren you will learn some practical mindsets and see measurable changes in how you operate in your life. His thoughtful questions also give you the opportunity to uncover powerful insights about yourself. Dhiren is the real deal."

Ginny Campbell

Owner, Coaching with Ginny

Prakash Nihalani.jpeg

I am in loss of words in articulating my feelings on how amazing and thankful I feel, I will really cherish and treasure all the calls and generous time you spent. I am really grateful that you gave me so much and really opened up your heart to help me. It has opened up so many thoughts/ideas/shift in my mind- from waking up at 5 am, looking closely at wheels of life, goals, journaling, values, the purpose of life, working on limiting beliefs, time management and so much more. I really wish you well and all the success in all your dreams.

Once again, Thank you and I am really Grateful to you to bring so many changes in my life!

Prakash Nihalani

CEO, Oli Oli

Dani Hakim.jpeg

"Working with Dhiren was an absolute pleasure. We were more than honored to have him inspire our community and share his incredible story. People are still talking about that session, he left such an uplifting impression, transforming so many people’s attitudes and behaviors. We’re already plotting the next opportunity to hang out and grow together. Thank you Dhiren."

Dani Hakim

SafeSpace Mental Health & Wellness Center

Olivia Manner.jpeg

"Forgiveness is for me. That is the great learning from this meditation. Letting go of any grudges and sour feelings is an investment in one's mental and physical health. I enjoyed clearing the air and would recommend this meditation to everyone especially at the beginning of the year - to start afresh and let go of the burden of the past. Thank you, Dhiren for a great program!"

Olivia Manner

Founder, Hello Chef

Marie-Christine Luijckx.jpg

"I've had the pleasure to get to know Dhiren through the EO Accelerator program, first as a coach and now as the President of the local chapter. As a coach, Dhiren has been invaluable in helping me to scale my business and work through the many challenges that come with growing. He has a unique ability to guide you through thoughtful questions and a rigorous accountability framework."

Marie-Christine Luijckx


Georgina Bansal 1.jpeg

"I cannot thank you enough for this deep and very effective guide to forgiveness. Having gone through the dark night of the soul and feeling betrayed as well as being victim to an immense amount of pain, I feel totally amazing and incredibly lighter from my core. To be honest, I am amazed at the effectiveness of this process, it is transformational. This is the best guided forgiveness technique I have ever experienced in my life. It truly makes you let go and radiates love, compassion & total surrender. Thank you again, you are a super star!"

Georgina Bansal


Samuel Oluwoyo.jpeg

"I feel lucky and delighted to have had early access to this guided forgiveness meditation with Dhiren. As usual, any and every session with him never leaves you the same. I followed the instructions and began to feel a whole lot of weight drop from me INSTANTLY. It took me to the top of the hill and gave me an out of this world experience. I found my heart sanctuary and finally forgave all those who had offended me in the past. What’s more, is that I’m ready for any challenge life throws at me!"

Samuel Oluwoyo


Dennis Schabilon.png

"Forty-nine and slowly working through a 2-year cancer diagnosis-induced midlife crisis when my 17-year marriage came to an end. The cause of my lifetime of depression, weight swings, self-loathing, relationship issues, and a general overwhelming feeling of unhappiness was becoming clear. I was finally awakening to the reality that this was all being brought on by my deep-seated perceived perception. I decided I had enough.


My experiences so far with Dhiren have been hard to put into words as it’s such a comprehensive approach to helping me really unlock my potential. He is extremely wise and empathetic, and the energy that he exudes during our sessions keeps me very centered and aware. He listens very intently to every word I say, he notices every facial expression, and is always there to draw my attention to even the slightest expression or vocabulary that is self-limiting.


Dhiren has been instrumental in transforming the way I approach situations and beliefs, and has become my coach, spiritual guide, financial adviser, therapist, and friend all in one, all wrapped into one very supportive and motivating person.


I truly believe that it was divine timing when he entered my life and know that he will be by my side guiding me through all of my future plans and inspiring me to reach my full potential."

Dennis Schabilon

Project Manager, Exalto Emirates


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