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Neuro Change Solutions


What We Do

We help organizations improve their business using a unique

inside-out approach.


This proprietary program is based on the work of researcher and best-selling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, using models for the neuroscience of change.


We have a global team of dedicated consultants specializing in various businesses and niches to support you in creating empowering, lasting change within the individual employee, teams, and organizations.


The result? Increased employee engagement, greater creativity and productivity, and ultimately — improved business results.



We know that corporations are undergoing tremendous change today. If not managed properly, these changes can create stress, low morale, and lack of productivity among employees.

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Small Business

In today’s competitive landscape, small business owners face unprecedented struggles. Among all the noise, what will it take for your business to stand out from the crowd?



Between health insurance policy changes, the rising cost of pharmaceuticals, and rapidly emerging technology, the healthcare industry must face these challenges in innovative ways. The status quo no longer works.



The education sector is facing rapid changes in this daunting period. With many unknown factors, educational organizations must be prepared for swift, agile, and efficient changes.

What We Solve

Imagine a future state where your organization is filled with individuals who are less stressed and willing to change so they can become more engaged, creative, and productive.
How would that transform your organization?

With NeuroChangeSolutions’ unique neuroscience-based Change Your Mind… Create New Results workshop and follow-up coaching, you can discover what top organizations throughout the world have learned — change IS possible.

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Lack of Engagement

Studies show that the #1 reason for disengaged employees is a lack of understanding an organization’s vision, mission, and goals. Employees want to meaningfully contribute and feel valued.

Elevated Stress

It’s no secret that today’s overwhelmingly distracted and busy lifestyle has a negative effect on physical and mental health. Project deadlines, job insecurity, and poor collaboration among leaders and teams all affect performance and productivity.

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Change Resistance

In any organization, change is inevitable. Whether on a large or small scale, those who are resistant to change cause disruption among their peers and within the organization. This can manifest as mistrust, lack of output, and even open hostility.

Leadership Challenges

Good leaders lead. Great leaders lead teams through times of change and crisis. In order for an organization to survive mass-scale changes or evolve to higher levels during business-as-usual times, effective leadership plays a critical role in a successful outcome.

How it Works



There is a process for true, lasting change to take place. Using neuroscientific principles, the Change Your Mind…Create New Results program walks you through this process in a customizable 8+ hour training delivery.


In order to facilitate change, two models are provided during the training program that help attendees understand HOW to change. These models identify the stages individuals must pass through in order for change to occur.


During the workshop, four tools are provided to help CREATE and SUSTAIN change. As an example, one of the tools for change includes the understanding of mindfulness or meditation or, as we call it, mental rehearsal.

What Clients are Saying

Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together” You need to be pretty talented to have people spend 4 days understanding and embracing this thought. Dhiren had us all wanting more on day 5.

I attended the Change your Mind , Create New Results workshop led by  Dhiren Harchandaniin mid-February 2024.  The materials and content are life changing and are truly better appreciated by me because of the manner in which they were delivered.

Dhiren focused on each individual in the workshop and allowed everybody the room to explore and dive into their personal curiosities, whilst keeping the ship consistently sailing in the right direction. A learned skill that he excels at.

I now take the statement “you have lost your mind” as a compliment, and one day hope to fully do so, having understood from this course that to do so is possibly the greatest service I can pay myself, and if you are curious as to what that means, sign up for this course….and say thank you later.

Dhiren has followed up with all the participants, and in his own small way helps keep the fire that he lit in me, burning. 

Following the course (I am today on Day 70 of a meditation streak) I have noted that my approach to life and its challenges has become calmer, more rational and viewed through a lens of gratitude rather than envy or anger. 

Bumps on a very long road are soon forgotten, especially when the path that I choose to embrace feels like the correct route toward an end goal of a life filled with joy, excesses of gratitude and an abundance of love.


Thank You Dhiren for taking the time and making the effort to guide me to start this wonderful journey.

Kavit Handa.jpeg

Kavit Handa

Founder, Africa Capital

Our Why

We believe that today’s leaders are ready to evolve their organization into something great.


We believe that organizations are more open to creating conscious change than ever before.

We believe that these organizations can lead the way for improved employee engagement, productivity, creativity, and passion — and, ultimately, increased financial results.


We believe that all true change can only happen from the inside out.


We believe that our passionate team of NCS Consultants can guide individuals, teams, and organizations through transformational change.


We believe that conscious organizations can transform our world.



Change your Mind... Create new Results

In the ever-changing landscape of personal growth, the pivotal question arises: How can each of us think differently and bring about positive change in our lives?

Embark on a transformative two-day journey with me, Niamh Brosnan, as I share insights from the science of change, inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s groundbreaking work.


This course is crafted to empower you personally, aligning with your dreams and aspirations.

Discover the keys to neuroplasticity and human behavior, unlocking tools to overcome challenges and enhance your personal effectiveness.


Join me on this personalized adventure, where we’ll delve into your potential for positive change and leadership in just two days.


Drawing on cutting-edge insights from the forefront of change science, Niamh extends a personalized invitation to you to embark on embodying Dr Joe Dispenza’s work,  creating a harmonizing balance in your life with less stress, less conflict and ultimately greater happiness.

Some of the Knowledge gained through this Course

  • What is change?

  • How to implement a simple formula to begin making changes in your life

  • How to think greater than your body

  • How to think greater than your environment

  • How to think greater than time

  • How to move from living in survival to living in creation

  • Understanding your 3 brains that allow you to go from Thinking to Doing to Being and how to access your success “sweet spot”

  • How to change your brainwaves for optimal performance

  • How to design your successful future self

  • How to create your personal 30 days to Genius plan

  • Shift patterns of negative and reactive thinking to foster positive and proactive mindset transformations, empowering you to seize control of your life, career, and relationships. 

Training Dates and Times

This interactive two day course limited offer, book now for one of these weekends

In-Person Choices

  • Sat/Sun  13th & 14th  April, 08:30-17:30

  • Sat/Sun 4th & 5th May, 08:30-17:30

Online Courses

Dates and Time TBA

Included in the Course

  • 2 Day in person training by Niamh Brosnan

  • Workbook Change Your Mind…Create New Results

  • Journal – 30 Days to Genius, a powerful guide for the 30 days following the completion of the course.

  • Audio files of the videos shown of Dr Joe Dispenza during the course.

  • 30 DAYS SUPPORT and expertise advice from Niamh Brosnan after you complete the course.

  • Introduction & Support to a graduate only closed-support group with previous participants of the course.

  • Support and access to 3 x free zoom meditations per day, in addition to walking meditations.

*Throughout the sacred month of Ramadan, our breaks are synchronized with Ramadan Prayer Times


Optional:   Lunch (both days) includes both options for Non Veg and Vegetarian.

If you are a business professional, either employee, employer, self-employed or an entrepreneur who wants to create change, then this event is for you.

You will experience an event that many global business leaders have used to effectively create lasting change.

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