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"Your mindset is an unfair advantage. Not everyone has it."

- Dhiren Harchandani

My Journey


From Rock Bottom


That’s me 13 years ago having my last drink.


Anyone from the outside looking in would say I was successful in the traditional sense.


Although I wasn’t a huge drinker, if I had to be honest with myself, it was destructive, it impacted my lifestyle.


Breaking my alcohol habit was challenging, my circle of friends got smaller, my phone stopped ringing.  


However, my vision grew larger.

Little did I know I was entering 3 years of “rock bottom” when I made a series of decisions that led me to "rock bottom."


It's where I was trapped for several years and I was trapped in a habitual loop for several years.


That's when I realized that the system for transformation starts with the Inner Game, and that's when I mapped the blueprint of sustainable transformation, with a lifestyle called Essentialism.

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As an Essentialist


Have you ever felt so frustrated with life and out of touch with your reason for existence? 


Have you ever felt like a floating leaf being blown and tossed around, randomly, with no direction? 


If you have, you can probably relate to exactly how I felt several years ago. It was like the whole world around me came down like a house of cards. 


Like most people my age, I chalked it to a “mid-life” crisis but little did I know, it was far worse! It was eroding my mind, body and spirit all at once! 

Being more conscious and self-aware laid the foundation to my transformation.


I will be eternally grateful to the universe for this dark night of the soul moment, for it helped me discover a lifestyle of essentialism and the habits that saved my life and made me identify the vital few from the trivial many. 

"People don’t decide their future, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their future."

- Unknown (must've been an essentialist)

I started asking myself these questions:

  • Is this the best use of my time?

  • Why am I always stretched so think?

  • Why am I trying to do it all?

  • Why are you resenting saying “Yes”?

  • Why don’t you feel alive?

  • Why are you constantly in motion but not getting anywhere?

My desperation for a solution made me super curious and observant.

I noticed people were successful because they say "NO".

As I started going deeper, I learned that half of the suffering I experienced in my life was due to my habits and inability to say "No".

I had to start living life by design, not by default!

The first step I took was to focus on implementing the following habits:

  • Daily practice of meditation and journaling

  • Alcohol free and Vegan lifestyle

The second step was to start conquering some false assumptions.

Replace false assumptions with three core truths.

"I have to"

"I choose to"

"It's ALL important"

"Only a few things really matter"

"I can do BOTH"

"I can do anything but not everything"

Within a few months, I noticed I started havig better control of my state of mind and my inner voice. I started developing a deeper sense of intuition.

Essentialism changed my life.

As a Conscious Leader

“Surround yourself with relentless humans. 

People who plan in decades, but live in moments. 

Train like savages, but create like artists. 

Obsess in work, relax in life. 

Humans who know life is finite, and choose to play infinite games. 

Find humans who know seek adventures that light their soul on fire.”

- Dhiren Harchandani


As a Leader and Entrepreneur, I found myself scaling my business, but no matter how hard I worked, it was never enough.  


I was constantly stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, I felt it deep in the pit of my stomach, I found myself ruminating the same decisions over and over again, drowning in regret.


I was making decisions in my business at the expense of my family, my health, and my humanity,  it’s not that I didn’t spend time with my family, I was physically present,  but my energy was completely drained, and all of this is happening while I watched your competitors and friends grow past me.


That was me, I was sabotaging my own success until I mastered my Inner-Game.


The “Inner-Game” is all about your mindset, emotions, and body. The “Inner-Game”, gave me the ultimate sustainable competitive advantage.

"Self belief is NOT negotiable."

- Dhiren Harchandani

As an Endurance Athlete

Growing up, I had Asthma, I carried an inhaler with me, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be climbing mountains and training in Ironman races.


I vividly remember when I couldn’t swim 200m, or run beyond 3Km, let alone swim 3.8 Km, bike 180 Km and run 42 Km and completing a full IronMan distance Triathlon.


Doing an Ironman wasn’t even a dream, it was beyond what I could comprehend.

Two lessons I learnt on my journey as an endurance athlete:



We are our fiercest and most stealth competitor. Conquering the mind is the difference that makes all the difference.

What it really comes down to is how much do YOU believe in YOU? Self belief is not negotiable.

People often ask me, WHY I put myself through an intense training regimen, the answer is simple, it lights my soul on fire, and it makes me feel alive.

Believe in yourself and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

It's that simple.

As a Transformation Architect

The hardest part of working with leaders who are ambitious, driven, and want to access their next level of performance is that…


They have read all the books.


They listen to podcasts.


They have attended the workshops.


They continue to invest in their personal development.


When I come into an organization to work with the team, the expectations are high!

What allows me to exceed expectations is my belief in human potential!


I believe it at the cellular level.


Believing in human potential is my superpower, it’s my unique genius, we all have one, and this is mine.


As a Transformation Architect, I firmly believe that with the right coaching, transformation is inevitable. 


My first task with all clients, in the first 10 minutes of session 1, is my systematic approach to raising their awareness that they can change anything.


As your Transformation Architect, I plan, design, and oversee your transformation journey.

My goal is to create the conditions for you to achieve your desired objectives. 


Mastering your "Inner-Game" through techniques that accelerate rapid change that unlock your ascension and business success.


Together, we set goals in ways that guarantee their realization in your life. 


I believe that with the right coaching, you can achieve transformation in your life and business. 

As a Keynote Speaker

From fearful to fearless - that's been my journey with public speaking.

I used to be so scared that my hands would shake and my voice would crack.

Now, I feel alive and invigorated when I take the stage. The surge of adrenaline, the electric energy of connecting with my audience, and the transformative power of my words can have on people makes this the best job in the world!

I've discovered that overcoming my fears has unleashed a whole new world of possibilities for me to share my message.

Dhiren in Antarctica

"There's nothing more profound than freeing someone's mind."

- Dhiren Harchandani

I Believe

  • Conscious leaders are prepared to take their organizations to the next level. 

  • Companies are increasingly receptive to embracing mindful transformation.

  • Organizations can spearhead better employee involvement, productivity, innovation, and enthusiasm, which will ultimately result in greater financial outcomes.

  • Genuine change must originate from within.

  • The Inner Game approach can steer individuals, teams, and organizations toward transformational change.

  • That conscious leaders and organizations have the power to revolutionize our world.


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