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1-2-3 Inner Game

The coming week is a short one. In a few days, I will leave for Austria to compete in my second Ironman.

This race is going to be special because I'm taking both of my boys with me. While they'll miss three days of school, we'll be making memories that will last a lifetime.

I'm wishing you a fantastic week ahead!

Here are some Inner Game perspectives to consider this week: 

1 question from me…

When was the last time you asked your spouse/partner or parents what you could do to improve?

2 insights from me...


Our children need us when they're young, and we need them when we're old.


Requesting feedback creates a critic while seeking advice creates a partner.

3 quotes from me...


"Self-awareness is the most important conversation on earth"


"When people say "you've changed," they often mean "you've grown," but might not know how to express it"


"Find people who genuinely want you to win"

My Highlight of the Week

I had the pleasure of spending quality time with Dr. Marshall.

He asked for an update on my upcoming book, which he graciously endorsed with a testimonial featured on the front page.

We also discussed family and his new legacy project—a bot containing all his

wisdom, which you can find here

Among the many takeaways, one statement stood out: 'You're not going to achieve your way to happiness.'

Imagination and Reality

One of the most profound quotes that have shaped my mindset is from one of the greatest Stoics:

"We suffer more in our imagination than in reality"


Some of the things I read and listened to this week

Before you go, if you know someone who would benefit from my weekly riffs, please let them know I'm here.

I'm rooting for you to have even more success.



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