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Your culture's mindset is your organization's only sustainable competitive advantage.

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Hello Hello, my name is Dhiren Harchandani.

I empower entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to 8-figure success without sacrificing personal fulfillment or a rich lifestyle, while also becoming more impactful leaders.


 I'an eternal student of transformation, leadership, and mindset.


I have the privilege of coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs whose businesses represent a combined revenue of over $2.5 billion.

As an entrepreneur, I have been scaling businesses for over two decades across five industries, where I have founded and exited multiple ventures.

As an alumni of the Harvard Business School, I use Business Strategy and draw on my 2,500 hours of coaching

I use a dynamic blend of  NLP, Quantum Science, and Psychology to transform leaders and organizations to become more engaged, creative, and productive.


As an adventure enthusiast, I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone by training for ultra-running races, competing in Ironman races, and climbing mountains.


Nature and Family have served as anchors in my life.

I am also passionate about exploring new cultures and places, this has taken me to over 70 countries and all 7 continents


Mostly though I’m a father, husband, and dog lover.



“Great program! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an intentional manner.

I would highly recommend Dhiren's program to anyone that is interested in improving their mindset as well as their business.

Dhiren's approach to coaching and broad knowledge would help overcome the many challenges that I would face as an entrepreneur. As an Entrepreneur, conquering the inner-game is essential and the Master Your Inner Game program guides you to do that.”

Marcus Smith

Founder, InnerFight

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How can we work together?

As an endurance athlete, I recognize that my fiercest competitor is the voice in my head. 

In endurance racing, your competitor is not the person racing next to you.

It's YOU vs YOU. 

Similarly, as a Leader and Entrepreneur, your fiercest competitor is not your traditional competitors in your market, it’s the person you see in the mirror.

It’s your Inner Game.

My approach is all about empowering you with tools that shift your state of mind to overcome the obstacles in your race to victory.


Are you ready to Master Your Inner Game to harness your ultimate sustainable competitive edge?

Find out why countless leading companies have

trusted me to help them Master the Inner Game.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, book Dhiren for your next event today!

You're probably wondering,
what's my "WHY"

I believe entrepreneurs and leaders should be able to live a balanced lifestyle, while still growing successful and impactful businesses.

I believe they deserve financial independence.

I believe every entrepreneur should have creative and supportive people in their lives.

I believe a business can be profoundly impactful in our societies and communities, and it all starts with the entrepreneur.


My Approach to Transformation

The Inner Game Blueprint

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Why Organizations work with Dhiren


He walks the talk

Having gone through some major transformations, some by choice, and some because he didn’t have a choice. From his highs and lows as an Entrepreneur, to go from someone who couldn’t run to completing several Ironmans, and from a major lifestyle transformation when he stopped drinking alcohol over 13 years ago.  Dhiren leverages his real-life experience to reveal to people how they can apply the same blueprint to their transformation

He walks the talk



Improved focus and productivity

We can maximize productivity and get good results, but if we want great results, it's essential that we maximize our focus.  Dhiren's effectiveness in elevating focus is built on his understanding of neuroscience and NLP.

Improved focus & productivity


Powers transformation

Sharing powerful tools, and a clear actionable plan, Dhiren easily motivates others to power forward with confidence and re-energized passion, creating a sustainable competitive advantage for leaders and businesses.

Powers transformation


Creates stronger leadership and ownership

Dhiren's journey of self-awareness fits the new paradigm of leadership wherein the most conscious person in the room is the leader.

Creates stronger leadership & ownership


Immunity to overwhelm and stress

Introduces strategies that sharpen clarity and well-being, which translates to a more energized workforce for sustained success and growth over the long term.

Immunity to overwhelm & stress

Podcasts & Interviews

The Illuminations Podcast

How to deal with burnout as an entrepreneur

Starting Up with Virtuzone

Actionable steps on how to bounce back from failure

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