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Here are the Basics to Greatness

Hello hello, 

When it comes to teams that are engaged, I like members of my team who don’t need to be managed.


However, this starts at the beginning of the journey, you have to make sure you bring on people who as Dan Sullivan would call 'Self-Managing’.


They have to care.


They need to have great energy. 

They need to be internally motivated. 

They need to appreciate what your business stands for, and not simply look at it like a JOB.


Right from the outset, I believe it’s essential for people to be totally into what it is they are selling.


They have to think deeply about the experience of the user. 

In 1997 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs said, “You got to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology.

You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where you’re going to try to sell it.”


Engaged Team Members understand: When someone first interacts with your business, they make sure to greet and treat them well.


For this to happen, a strong CULTURE is essential.


I recently asked a CEO of a substantial-sized business operating in the United Arab Emirates, “Who is your no. 1 priority, your Team, your shareholders, or your clients?


Although he answered the question, he hesitated, I didn’t hear the conviction in his voice.


When I interact as a client with this company, it’s very evident that their corporate culture is weak.


That’s not a surprise since the CEO wasn’t sure himself as to who his no. 1 priority is, and that uncertainty trickles downstream to the rest of the organization.


CULTURE is established from the top.


If you embody this top-down mindset, and if you demonstrate it, you have a higher likelihood of having a successful business, raving clients, and a highly engaged team. 

Keep The Change!


I'm rooting for you to have even more success!



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I hope you enjoy it.


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