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Are you a Billion Dollar Racehorse?

Hello hello,

If you owned a billion-dollar racehorse with the potential for greatness, how would you treat it?


Would you deprive it of sleep?


Would you talk down to it, doubt it, criticize it?


Would you shove fast food down its throat?


Would you slave drive it?


Would you create conditions that make it impossible for it to perform?


Quite the contrary…


You would make sure it gets the best trainers, the best tracks, and the best of everything.


You would take care of that billion-dollar racehorse because it needs to win races to make you money.


My friend, YOU are that Billion Dollar Racehorse.


If you treat yourself any other way, you are messing yourself up.


A big part of this is about how you physically take care of yourself, it's also the conversation you're having with yourself. 


It also involves who you hang out with.

Re-evaluate all your relationships, and distance yourself from people who are dishonest and are non-stop complainers. 

Re-evaluate all your habits.


Look at the environment in which you work. 


Look at the people in your team. 

Which ones are taking you to the next level of TRANSFORMATION? 

Take a look at your Business and Life and ask:

Are the conditions of your environment set up for you to get to your next level of TRANSFORMATION?


Are the people you associate with accelerating or slowing your TRANSFORMATION?


Are you treating yourself in a way that supports TRANSFORMATION?


Treat yourself like the Billion Dollar Racehorse you are.

I'm rooting for you to have even more success.



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